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traveling berlin by bike

i haven't been a very passionate cyclist all the years. the traffic, danger, rain, sweat and destroyed hair and face... missing spontaneity, especially during the night and lack of music, walking and street photography. under the line i've enjoyed all the positive opportunities of public transport system in berlin that there hasn't been a big need for switching to bicycle. 
so it has been a little bit surprising to become such an addicted cyclist. i've explored berlin by bike and enjoyed especially the after work tours during spring and summer. the disadvantage of cycling is the intermediate desire not to stop. neither at a red traffic light nor to enjoy nice places passing by. even to halt for taking some pictures –– nope! drive drive drive, like a rush. feeling the wind, the speed, freedom. being on yourself, only concentrated on your own and traffic. no distraction with smartphone, music (ok, missed it sometimes) or conversation. especially from others... me time.
i've never made so little pictures of berlin like this summer.
over the time i've established my common routes, to work, after work... i've avoided places that weren't able to drive by bike. i passed by so many picturesque places, situations and especially shine moments of others... mostly faded away like me on the bike.
often thought about it and one morning of last hot summer days i decided to document my daily route to work. i've passed three districts, neukölln - kreuzberg - mitte. pictures are mostly taken straight or driving direction right side. quality is blurry and cuttings not perfect. even on that day i missed a lot scenes because i wasn't able to stop or not quick enough. many pictures looked boring because they are sudden out of context and so on... 
at least it's a try ;)

neukölln, north (so called kreuzkölln)
lost bike
 kreuzberg, urbanstraße
former petrol station
furniture kreuzberg


straight to berlin mitte. very ordinary street. each time i pass by that old house pictured above i wonder that this memorial still exists.
kein vergeben kein vergessen

tourists arrive

furniture mitte

british embassy hissing flag
brandenburger tor (left side just for once)
standing there  a l w a y s 
men –– alive, remembered and advertised 
last days of election campaign
last section, invalidenstraße. since upgrading you have to be careful not to become invalide on yourself...
under construction
in front of my office where a young cyclist died by accident this summer. it's good to remember even if it hurts each day.
outdoor parking station. the number of bicycles points out weather and time...
mitte (nord)


this blog really falls on my nerves! no clue why movies aren't loaded. can't be so difficult eh!


shop windows (west berlin)

stationery store


 gold dealer