hans in luck

i've never understood the real purpose of that colorful slight paper swaddeld around pieces of fruit. but like it. the color, the design and even the crackel when unwrap –- each fruit as a little present.

* although not quite sure why there is a hans glück fireman in association with a clementine...


i asked my dad to send me one specific picture of my childhood i'm looking for. what i got is a huge stack
(searched pic not included -- 
thank you dad anyway ;) ).

You can't change human's habit,
but you can change the route.
Zuzanna Skalska on "Awareness of change"


the two medals beeing a temperamental extrovert...


are you sure this is what you want?

in dialoge with windows.
would like to have this in my daily life too.
thought, not quite sure ;)

(just sleep over a night helps indeed -- sometimes)


"Wir müssen unser Dasein, so weit als es irgend geht, annehmen; alles auch das Unerhörte muß darin möglich sein. Das ist im Grund der einzige Mut, den man von uns verlangt: mutig zu sein zu dem Seltsamsten, Wunderlichsten und Unaufklärbasten, das uns begegnet"