route neu berechnen

learning from your navigation system

you might know your destination but not really the way to take for -- let yourself be helped by your navigation system. get clear where you are and where you want to go to. set a destination, optional add some waypoints. first it starts with an overview of your route and additional alternative routes. there is not that right way to take. there are many. maybe one is fast but not the nicest. or for another one you have take a more stony and unpaved road, but it might be the one with more beautification. maybe your navigation system points out a route you are not aware of, so test it out and take your way. see your opportunities. there is a wide range...

it probably ends up you choose one route, or maybe you just start driving. during your journey there are many waypoints and associated decisions to take. right, left, straight, maybe a break. sometimes you will pass nice places that are inviting to stay. take your time. if you are in a hurry you can switch to a more straight way. if you decide to drive abound your origin route, no worries. and even if you forget or oversee crossroads or a simple street, it won't be a problem. "route neu berechnen" is the magic word! there are always possibilities. the journey is your destination. learning from your navigation system means that there is always a way out. so lean you back and enjoy your journey!


social studies

the introvert uses headphones to signal "don't disturb me", the extrovert to get not distracted. and sometimes both just love music.